MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The city of Minneapolis passed a resolution Friday morning to protect the city’s dwindling bee population.

The resolution means the city will now plant more food for pollinators and decrease pesticide use on land the city owns and manages.

“(Bees’) dwindling population also poses a threat to our food security. With the passage of today’s resolution, Minneapolis is now doing its part in the global effort to protect and grow the pollinator populations,” Mayor Betsy Hodges said.

The city’s efforts over the last nine months will help protect the bee population, by increasing bee friendly plants in the city. Currently, the city’s green roof houses about 75,000 bees.

City leaders say pollinators are a necessary component of a healthy ecosystem and food system. They provide pollination of plants needed to grow vegetables, herbs and fruits.

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  1. uffta says:

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