MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — For those headed to the State Fair to celebrate the unofficial end of summer, there is a reality that many need to face.

If you’re there eating your favorite foods on a stick, they probably aren’t very healthy. But do you know how many calories are in those delicious cheese curds or that pork chop on a stick? If you actually knew what it took to burn off those calories, it may make you change your approach to what you eat at the Great Minnesota Get-Together.

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WCCO Mid-Morning’s fitness expert, Ali Holman, joined the show Monday at the State Fair to give us the ugly truth when it comes to how fattening some fair foods are.

“I’m not going to tell you to come out the fair and get a fruit cup. I’m not going to be that person,” Holman said.

Are you a fan of cotton candy? It’s actually not as bad as you might think. Holman said there are about 170 calories in a fair serving. She said all it will take to burn that off is about an hour of dancing.

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What about cheese curds? They are a staple of the State Fair, but they’re also 800 calories. Holman said that’s about three hours of mowing the lawn to burn that off.

One of the favorites at the State Fair is the turkey leg. It’s delicious, but it’s also 1,300 calories. It’ll take more than two hours of exercise to burn that off.

How about the bacon on a stick? Holman said about 400 calories and to burn that off, do jumping jacks for an hour.

Last, but not least: You can’t go to fair and not have a pronto pup. But it’ll cost you 400 calories.

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Holman said since the State Fair is a once-a-year thing, don’t be afraid to enjoy yourself and indulge a little. Just be prepared to find a way to burn those calories off.