MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Another round of layoffs has struck Target Corp. in the Twin Cities.

The company eliminated 235 positions Tuesday from its headquarters in Minneapolis and satellite offices in St. Louis Park and Brooklyn Park. It also cut 40 positions from its IT Center in India.

“As a part of our transition to an agile technology development and support model, we conducted a comprehensive review of our current structure and capabilities,” Target spokeswoman Molly Snyder said. “Following this review, we determined where we needed to make changes to meet the current, and anticipate the future, needs of the business.”

There have been multiple rounds of layoffs at Target Corp. in 2015. In March, roughly 13 percent of the employees then working in the Twin Cities were let go or informed they would soon be laid off, amounting to roughly 1,700 jobs.

There were also significant layoffs in February and in April.

According to reports, the latest round of layoffs puts Targets corporate workforce at approximately 11,000 employees.

University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management professor Paul Vaaler says it is possible Target could be outsourcing some of the technology work. They may also use some of the cost savings to refocus on other business ventures.

“There’s a new Chief Information Officer Mike McNamara who has been at Target since June,” Vaaler said. “Probably looking around right now [thinking], ‘What do I keep inside the company or what do I contract out to smart suppliers who provide the same services?'”

Target says all of the employees let go will receive “comprehensive” severance packages.

Kate Raddatz