FALCON HEIGHTS, Minn. (WCCO) — Two of the most unique State Fair foods debuted Wednesday in the International Bazaar.

You’ve probably heard about the hot tail and kimichi poutine. Halfway through the fair, the Midtown Global Market booth switches up the vendors. Starting Wednesday, the Rabbit Hole moved in.

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Pickled cabbage on fries and deep fried pigs tail may not be something you’d order immediately on a menu but if there’s ever a time to try something new, it’s at the State Fair.

“There are so many so many thoughts going through my head I have no idea how to explain it,” Thomas Kim said.

After just a year and half in his brand new restaurant, Thomas Kim thought why not add another challenge?

“From a business stand point it’s definitely mass exposure,” he said.

As a new State Fair vendor, Kim is relying on two menu items to make an impact.

While raw, it may not look like the most appetizing cut of meat. But after a few minutes in the deep fryer and the hot tail takes shape.

“You get the crispy skin, nice rich fat and the braised meat right here,” he said.

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Out of the fryer, the dish is mixed with a scallion ginger sauce, layered flavors of smoky scallions and a little spice.

“It tastes like a rib in my opinion. It tastes like a really nice, rich rib,” he said.

Their poutine is a twist on the classic Canadian dish. Thrice cooked homemade fries are topped with melted cheese and curry gravy.

“It’s nice and rich and has a lot of spice but a lot of layers of flavor to it,” Kim said.

But here’s where Thomas’s Korean influences kick in: Braised kimchi and onions take the taste to another level.

“As long as people come with an open mind, palette wise, it’s not going to burn your mouth off spice levels,” Kim said.

Each dish is served to share…but exceptions will be made.

“I wouldn’t recommend one person eat the whole thing, but I would eat the whole thing,” Kim said.

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Two dishes with an infusion of southeast Asian culture and a State Fair twist.