MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A Twin Cities flight bound for San Antonio had to touch down in Kansas Thursday after it was struck by lightning.

The Delta flight was hit by lightning when it was about 15 minutes out from Wichita’s airport. Wichita declared an airport emergency until after the plane was safely on the ground.

“A lot of lightning in the area, apparently. We heard a popping sound, which I think was a lightning strike. Soon after that they started descending and it was a controlled descent. Everybody was calm on the plane and they just made the announcement that we were going to be landing in Wichita,” John Hack said.

Hack was a passenger on that flight. A flight attendant told him they landed because there were some issues with the instrument panels.

Officials said the plane will stay in Wichita until it has been inspected.

The 65 passengers on board were put another flight late last night.