This time of year is great for wandering around the neighborhood and taking in the sounds and scents of the approaching fall season. A little leaf crunch here and the waft of grilling there, it makes me want to throw open my windows and let all of the fresh air in.

We don’t grill too often at our house, but on occasion we’ll buy a steak or come across some brats that are grill worthy. In most cases, we leave the grilling up to friends and family but did have occasion to fire it up recently to char some peaches. Yes, I know, we fired up the grill to cook fruit, but hear me out: grilling brings out the natural sweetness of fruit and peaches certainly have a lot of natural sweetness to them. Plus, it adds a smoky flavor that is just perfect for those of us who like a hint of savory flavor with their desserts.

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(credit: Crystal Grobe)

(credit: Crystal Grobe)

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While this will work with soft and ripe peaches, it’s a bit messy so I suggest using a ripe, yet firm peach because it’s going to soften quite a bit when heated. Simply cut the peach in half, remove the pit, brush with a bit of olive oil or butter and put them cut-side down on a hot grill for two to four minutes. If you want more cooking time, move the peaches to indirect heat after the initial char. Let cool slightly and serve over vanilla ice cream. I made a run to the U of M Dairy Sale and used vanilla frozen yogurt for mine.

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Don’t have peaches? Use pineapple wedges, or plums, or nectarines. All make for healthy and delicious desserts.