Renters with pets know how challenging it can be to find an awesome apartment that also accepts fur-babies. And once you’ve found a possible pad, you hope the landlord isn’t preparing to gouge you with fees. has complied a pretty handy list of tips to consider while habitat hunting. Most landlords of apartments, duplexes and rental homes that allow pets do so with several conditions, usually tied to the number of pets you have, their sizes and breeds.

Deposit fees can be as expensive as $500 for dogs and $250 for cats, and monthly rental fees can range from $25 to $100.

Some ways to help woo a pet-weary landlord include having pet insurance and building a pet resume. also has a great apartment search engine with dog- and cat-friendly preference options built in.


Crystal is calling all cats this Saturday! Twin Cities Cat Fanciers and the Cat Fanciers’ Association are holding their Feline Fun Fest at the Crystal Community Center.

(credit David Perez)

(credit David Perez)

Over 100 cats from 27 breeds will be in competition, and there will also be several party-themed rounds. That’s right, your house cat can compete in the beach party, birthday party, tea party, pajama party or Oscar party rings! Kids can even bring their stuffed cat toys to battle it out for plush prowess!

Click here for more info, and click here for directions.

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