I’m pretty sure I grew up never seeing a fig or even knowing what they were. When I did start to notice figs, they appeared to be a strange fruit with squishy insides and deemed too expensive to try on a college student’s budget.

Instead I went on to try and fall in love with the cheaper version: dried.  They were quickly incorporated into my master granola recipe, put on various cheese plates, and blended into homemade energy bars. They’ve become a staple in my kitchen year round.

Eventually I had the opportunity to try fresh figs and no surprise, I loved those too. Now that I’m not on a college student’s budget, it’s worth a splurge to buy fresh figs from time to time. Unfortunately, the season is winding down and if you can still find fresh figs out there, I have an excellent appetizer idea for you.

All you need is crumbled goat cheese, fresh figs, and a little bit of honey for drizzling. Sometimes I sprinkle a pinch of salt and pepper over top for a savory lean, or drizzle a bit of balsamic for some tang and I’ve used blue cheese instead of goat cheese for a bigger punch. Whatever variation you choose, you’ll enjoy these little bites with a lot of flavor.