MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — An eagle that was saved by a mother and her teenage son is now back in the wild.

Last month, the two were driving in Danbury, Wisconsin when an eagle on the side of the road took flight, and they hit it with their SUV. The mother and son jumped into action, wrapped the bird in a blanket and took it to the Raptor Center.

“The bird’s doing well,” the Raptor Center’s Executive Director, Julia Ponder, said. “The birds that come to this release have been not only receiving the best medical care in the world, but they’ve also gone through a very stringent reconditioning process, to be sure that they can not only leave here successfully, but then survive in the wild, ready to hunt the day they leave.”

The Raptor Center releases rehabilitated birds each fall. The eagle, who they named America, was released at 10 a.m. Saturday with some other rehabilitated raptors.

There was also apple picking, apple tasting and free wagon rides at the event.