MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Every successful entertainer can draw in a crowd, and Aiden Kolata has learned how to put on a show.

“He just wanted to do magic one day,” Wade Kolata, Aiden’s dad, said. “He’s adding a trick every week, so he’ll probably continue to add a magic trick as we go.”

This 7-year-old sets has stage at the corner of 46th Street and 18th Avenue in Minneapolis for the last month.

“He’s been out here every Saturday,” Wade said.

Aiden did not want to just rely on magic. He recently realized adding a beverage service could increase his audience.

“It’s my first time having hot chocolate at the stand,” Aiden said.

It may seem that he has an entrepreneurial spirit. In reality, he is much more philanthropic.

“I just wanted to help by raising money,” Aiden said.

Every cent he earns will go to Prader-Willi syndrome research.

“We have a dear family friend whose son was diagnosed with Prader-Willi syndrome,” Heidi Kolata, Aiden’s mom, said.

Aiden’s friend, Graham, was diagnosed with the genetic condition that impacts a person’s appetite and growth.

The two boys do not see each other often, but Graham’s health is on Aiden’s mind.

“He has a little sign on front and he explains as best he can what the research is for, and talks about his friend, Graham,” Wade said.

Twenty-five cents may buy a cup of Kool-Aid or a magic trick, but it is ultimately helping a greater cause.

Aiden also has a website where he is collecting donations. He has raised more than $1,500 so far.