Welcome back for the fourth – and sadly, possibly the last – episode of the WCCO.com Twins Blog Podcast.

This week, you’ll hear Sid Hartman and Dave Mona talk to Torii Hunter about his season, how much fun he had, whether he thinks he can play in 2016, whether he thinks he WILL play in 2016 and much more.

Then, Steve Thompson talked with baseball writer Scott Miller from Bleacher Report about the teams that made the 2015 MLB Postseason – sadly that list doesn’t include the Twins. Who’s in? What are the match-ups? Steve and Scott broke it down.

Finally, we play back the final post-season press conference from Twins manager Paul Molitor as he tried to put the 2015 Twins season into perspective – as much as you can 15 minutes after Game 162 ended.

Plus, we’ll highlight some of the great content you can find on the WCCO.com Twins Blog.

Take a listen!