By Cole Premo

It’s fall in Minnesota and even though the environment is telling you to slow down, we’re here to tell you the reasons why you should stay active. For the next few weeks, we’re sharing 4 reasons why you should try specific workout routines. This week, it’s mountain biking!


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When the “4 Reasons” idea came up, mountain biking instantly came to my mind. Ever since I snatched a relatively cheap single speed “29er” bike a few years ago, I’ve been hitting the trails every summer.

While I’m by no means a professional at it, something about it keeps me coming back. And now, I get to flesh out and list those reasons — and it gave me an excuse to GoPro some trail riding! So here we go!

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You Can Get Away For A While (And See Some Amazing Sights)

Certain places in Minnesota require a bit of work and trekking through woods … so, this is where a mountain bike comes in handy.

Whether you’re checking out Lebanon Hills in Eagan, Mission Creek in Duluth or Theodore Wirth Park right in Minneapolis, there are picturesque places to see while cruising the trails.

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It’s An Exhausting, But Exhilarating Exercise

Like previously said, getting to those amazing sight-seeing areas takes some work. A lot of it. Simply put, mountain biking is grueling.

For example, in order to grab some “mad” air when you hit that jump at the end of the hill, you need to bike up that hill. And sometimes those hills have rocks, roots and other fun things that make it even more difficult.

But it’s all worth it, because you don’t really think about how exhausted you are when you’re flying through the woods. And if you take a spill, just get back on and let that exhilaration fuel you!

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It’s Challenging (But You’ll Get Better)

Hitting the trails for the first time can seem daunting, indeed. But it’s really as difficult as you want to make it. So, you don’t want to tear up that rock and boulder-filled hill? That’s fine! Get off the bike and walk it up, or find another way around. Every now and then, try some of the more novice-level jumps/obstacles and work up your skills.

Also, if you’re struggling with the trail and other bikers are gaining on you from behind, just safely bike to the side of the trail and let them pass. They’ll most likely say “thank you” or “pardon me” and continue on.

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It’s Great To Go Out As A Team

Biking alone is a great experience, but if you have other buddies who are interested, invite them out! You can either have fun watching them struggle with certain obstacles (come on, it’s entertaining!), or use them as motivation if they’re more skilled than you.

And to top it all off, there’s nothing better than enjoying a refreshing beer (or non-alcoholic refreshment) with your fellow riders after a tough run.

Final Note: Yes, mountain biking does require spending some money, but there are great deals on bikes out there, be it your local bike shop or Craigslist! Make sure to snag a helmet and maybe some gloves too.

Now, if you haven’t yet, check out the video above to see some highlights of the Theodore Wirth Park trail!

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