MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — It is the time of year when the leaves keep falling, and we try to keep up.

Unfortunately, the fall colors only last for so long before those leaves end up on our lawns.

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So which is better for your lawn? Bagging your leaves, or mulching them?

“Leaves are all over right now. They are everywhere,” University of Minnesota Extension’s Maggie Reiter said. “We recommend mulching your leaves rather than raking them.”

Reiter says mulching your leaves helps add nutrients to your soil, which in turn helps your grass grow in the spring.

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But you may have to use your lawnmower several times. Leaving too much leaf cover can smother your turf grass and create snow mold fungus on your lawn.

“It saves you work to use your mower rather than rake,” she said. “It’s a lot of work and waste hauling all those leaves out.”

One way to makes sure that you are getting the most mulch is to close the side discharge on your lawnmower, which will keep more leaves inside.

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There are also mulching blades that do an excellent job of creating yard mulch.

John Lauritsen