MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Rogers police say they were involved in a pursuit that resulted in two crashes and two suspects getting away Wednesday morning.

According to police, the entire incident began Tuesday night when a vehicle rolled on Interstate 94 in Rogers after hitting the center median. The driver then broke through the sunroof and fled before emergency responders arrived.

When responders arrived, they found syringes, a gun and blood – indicating the driver was injured — inside the vehicle.

At 8 a.m. Wednesday morning, a construction worker noticed a man hiding in a wooded area near the scene of the rollover and notified police. Police arrived and located the man, but he fled. Police, however, caught up and arrested the man, who they say had injuries consistent with a rollover accident.

According to Rogers police, the suspect is identified as Nathan Ezati.

Police say prior to Ezati’s arrest, he had called someone to pick him up. That vehicle arrived about the same time that he was being arrested. Police pulled over the vehicle, but it fled when an officer was approaching it.

The suspect vehicle, which had out-of-state plates, took officers from Dayton to Otsego, into Elk River and back to Otsego where officers lost sight of the vehicle.

During the pursuit, the suspect vehicle crashed into a civilian vehicle in Elk River, at the intersection of Main Street and Jackson Avenue. A squad car also crashed into a car in the parking lot of Elk River High School. There were no injuries in either crash.

Police say that during the pursuit, the occupants of the suspect vehicle tossed out five license plates – three from stolen vehicles.

According to police, the identities of the male driver and female passenger are known and both have criminal records, which include fleeing the police.