MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A 14-year-old boy is alive today because of the quick response of school staff and a Chisago County Sheriff Deputy.

Jared Loomis was in gym class when he collapsed in back of Rush City High School Tuesday. He is now at Children’s Hospital in St. Paul in critical condition.

It was the quick action by school officials and law enforcement that likely saved his life.

Rush City High School Principal Brent Stavig says at about 1:30 p.m. Tuesday he was told a student collapsed 60 feet from the building’s back door.

“As soon as the student went down, as soon as the first emergency team members got there, they knew,” Stavig said. “When I came out the back door, they were yelling ‘We need to start CPR,’ and they were doing it as soon as I got there.”

Stavig says the P.E. teacher called 911, another went for one of the two AEDs in the building and the Chisago County Sheriff’s office was called.

“Right when our staff was getting there with our AED, the police vehicle started coming from the elementary school,” he said.

Sgt. Jason Foster was close by and was there in less than a minute.

“There was some school staff, some teachers, the Rush City principal — they were all conducting CPR on the young man,” Foster said. “I was able to get the AED out, and within 20 to 30 seconds, started applying shocks and trying and to revive the young man.”

Sgt. Foster has used the life saving device before.

“It physically talks to you and guides you through the instructions,” he said.

Once they got a pulse, Foster, Stavig, teachers and staff knew their training paid off.

“Everything just fell into place and the stars aligned with this case — having EMS and paramedics in town and a helicopter stationed in North Branch,” Foster said.

Paramedics took over from there. Loomis was taken by helicopter to Children’s Hospital and Clinics of Minnesota.

Sgt. Foster says he is proud to be part of a team that helped save a life.

“The school did a fantastic job with their emergency response team and getting and getting CPR started almost immediately,” he said.

Principal Stavig agreed. He says he would like to see the AEDs in every building in Minnesota.

Jared Loomis’ parents want to thank the community for their thoughts and prayers.


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