MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Cancer treatment doesn’t look the same for everyone. Sometimes you’re in the hospital for months, while others like Jenayia, just pop in once a month for chemo.

But while she’s busy fighting cancer, this week’s Kylie’s Kid makes extra sure to take care of everyone around her.

Hold Your Hand by the Beatles is Jenaiya’s favorite song, but she doesn’t need anyone to hold her hand.

“I’m a strong girl,” Jenayia said.

So strong, she’s taking care of her family while she’s fighting Lymphoma. What started as lump on her neck has turned into a year of Chemotherapy.

When asked what she would want if she could have any super power, Jenaiya didn’t hesitate.

“A cancer fighting power,” Jenayia said.

While she doesn’t technically have any special powers you could say her attitude is pretty magical.

“I like to come to the doctor and meet new people,” Jenayia said.

Jenayia has one year of cancer treatment at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota which ends next June.


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