MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A 51-year-old Wisconsin man was booked into jail last week for disorderly conduct and drug possession after witnesses told police he was acting erratically in a gas station bathroom.

Michael Semingson, of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, is accused of possessing meth and drug paraphernalia last Friday in the bathroom at Osceola Stop.

Police said they were called to the gas station shortly after 2:30 p.m. on a report that a man had exposed himself to the clerk and refused to leave.

When an officer arrived at the scene, he found a shirtless man outside who later identified himself as Semingson. He said he lost his shirt and was waiting for his friend to pick him up.

The officer then spoke with the clerk, who was visibly shaken and said she’d never felt more threatened in her life.

She said Semingson came in asking for directions, which he took down on a case of beer. He then went to the bathroom, and asked the clerk for some quarters.

When she refused to give him quarters in the bathroom, he got some at the counter. He then returned to the bathroom and emerged later with his pants down to buy some lotion.

With the lotion, he returned to the bathroom but kept peeking outside, the clerk told police.

In the bathroom, the officer said he found a rolled up shirt in a wad of paper towel. Inside was also a syringe filled with brown liquid.

The clerk said the shirt belonged to Semingson. Also found in the paper towel was a white substance in plastic bags, which tests later showed to be meth, police said.

Semingson was booked into jail, and is also accused of violating his probation.