MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Anyone who has young children at home knows that bath time can sometimes be a struggle.

Now, two Edina sisters are hoping that one product helps make bath time something to look forward to.

The sister-preneurs’ love of bubbles, something that started before they could even speak, has turned into quite “da bomb” of a business.

Caroline and Isabel Bercaw decided to enter a bath product, “da bomb bath fizzers,” in the Uptown Art Fair.  Since then business has been booming and that’s what makes them this week’s Minnesotans to Meet.

The Bercaw sisters are just like any typical 8th and 9th graders. Their lives are filled with homework and afterschool activities. But their after school past time isn’t just a hobby; it’s a full time operation.

“Every time we would use a bath bomb we would be disappointed in the end because we’d want to use another right away. So, we thought if we put surprises in our bath bombs when they’re done dissolving, because that’s what they do, you get a surprise in the end and you don’t have to feel disappointed that your bomb has run out,” Isabel, founder of “Da Bomb Bath Fizzers,” said.

So that idea of a little surprise in every drop has now turned into more than just bubbles – it’s become a family business

“We have one younger brother. He actually helps invent some of the bath bombs too. That’s how we come up with some of the boy bath bombs,” Caroline, the other sister behind the bath tub bubbles, said. “He created the ‘Ninja Bomb.'”

Business is so good these days that they had to hire help.

“We have a little production facility in the lower level of our house that’s a fancy word for basement,” Isabel said.

The girls even opened their very own kiosk at Southdale Mall this October.

“The “F” in “F-bomb” stands for calming your frustration,” Caroline said.

Bling, bug and party bombs are among the girls’ collection. And, just in time for Halloween, how about a candy scented bath?

“That one is our featured fizzer. You can’t get it anywhere else, not even on our website. It smells like chocolate,” Caroline said.

The two brains behind “da bomb” really do tackle quite a bit themselves, such as production, but they are still too young to actually work at their one-stop-shop. So for now they still need mom and dad’s help.

Even so they wouldn’t have it any other way.

The first bomb the girls made a few years ago was a “Cherry Bomb.” When the girls first started making the bombs there would be three in a batch. They’ve of course perfected the production process a bit. Their parents have taken on a much larger role and they have two people who work 25 hours a week to help make the bath fizzers.

The girls have all different kinds of bath fizzers on their website, including an “Earth Bomb” where a portion of the proceeds go to help keep the ocean clean.

Isabel and Caroline will be at Northern Grade in the Solar Arts Building in downtown Minneapolis from October 31 through November 1 selling their full line of products!

Their products are now available at all Patina stores also.

Ali Lucia