MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A fight between a customer and overnight manager at McDonalds is caught on camera.

The beat down happened early Tuesday morning in the drive thru at the restaurant on Stinson Boulevard in Minneapolis.

The McDonald’s employee says the attack was unprovoked. Witnesses back up his story.

People in the drive-thru at McDonald’s on Stinson Boulevard saw a customer pulling an employee out of the window by his tie with fists flying.

*WARNING: Video contains explicit language.*


“This is a person who may have been under the influence of substances who just became irate with the manager of the restaurant and acted out physically,” Minneapolis Police Public Information Officer John Elder said.

The victim, 22-year-old Bernard Robinson, claims the customer spit on him. Robinson told WCCO by telephone that he was fighting for his life. He says the man, 31 year old Medhat Feshir was pulling his tie so tight that he thought he would black out.

Josh McConouhey saw the fight.

“If he would have pulled him onto the ground, he would have hit his face on the ground,” he said.

McConouhey says the video tells half the story. He says the aggressive customer confronted the manager after the camera stopped recording.

“The guy was like, ‘Come on!'” McConouhey said. “You know he was drunk and he was talking a lot of junk.”

By this time, McConoughey says everyone inside the McDonald’s was outside trying to diffuse the situation. He say Feshir got into it with others and was actually on his back after another fight, when police arrived to take him into custody.

“His head came up for a little bit but his body said no and he just fell back,” McConoughey said.

Feshir is charged with fifth degree assault. Robinson declined treatment. Police say he has some bumps and bruises but should recover.

Reg Chapman

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