A mockumentary on Hennepin Theatre Trusts' 'The Realish Housewives of Edina'

*A mockumentary on Hennepin Theatre Trusts’ “The Realish Housewives of Edina”

They’re some of Minnesota’s biggest stars who live in some of Minnesota’s wealthiest towns, but what do we really know about the women of “The Realish Housewives” series?

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And, more importantly, what do we not know?

In exclusive interviews with Edina’s Claudia-Louise, Ravonka and show creator Randy Bowen, we learn what each of these ladies was like before she was a housewife and what led her to the life of fame and fortune.

This is the MNfusion True Minnesota Story : “The Realish Houseives of Edina.”

(credit: Hennepin Theatre Trust)

(credit: Hennepin Theatre Trust)

“If you’re going to go to a dinner party and you’re going to bring something store bought, you should take the label off.”

The show may have just begun this fall, but Claudia-Louise has long been an Edina celebrity.

A fourth generation Edinian, Claudia-Louise, or CL as she is more fondly known, won the hearts of Edina when she became Penny Saver for Twin City Federal Bank. As the financial-conscious teenager she appeared in a number of local spots urging residents to “sign up and save today!”

Shortly after, CL was named Junior Miss 10,000 Lakes.

The state-wide competition searched for girls ages 14 – 17 who best represented Minnesota’s lake culture. CL won with her loon calling talent. After winning, she got to travel all over the state and visit each and every one of the 10,000 lakes!

It was those early experiences behind the camera that paved the way for her to become a housewife.

While the stories of how she got cast may conflict, CL was undoubtedly the first member to join the Edina show and the one with the most husbands.

Since the show has begun, CL said she hasn’t gotten to spend as much time with her twins France and Xerxes as she would like. She said she does get to spend more time on herself, making sure she continues to be knowledgeable on Edina current events so she can be the best representative of the city possible.

“The naming of Paisley Park? That was me.”

Ravonka’s accent adds an air of mystery to the show. But ask her where it’s from and you won’t get a straight answer.

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From learning to tango to wearing lederhosen to staring at the Pryenees mountains (or paintings of them), Ravonka claims to have lived many lives.

While it’s a bit unclear where she spent her childhood, it’s clear she has always enjoyed the luxuries in life. As a young fashion designer, Ravonka’s career brought her to work with the famous Minnesotan musician Prince.

“Everybody knows he likes to wear purple. He says that’s because it is his favorite color, but really it was me,” Ravonka said.

In fact, Ravonka became so integral to Prince’s career that she played a large role in the creation of his music studio. Or so she claims.

It’s also where she met her husband, the Baron. After meeting, the two fell in love and Ravonka moved to Edina to be with the Baron.

Just like CL, the story behind how Ravonka joined the cast is a little unclear. But her spirit and her exuberance won Randy over and she became the final member, and missing link, to the cast.

Though she’s lived many places she now considers Edina to be her forever home. She feels Edina is one of the most welcoming places in Minnesota and the only thing to be concerned about is the jealousy of those that don’t live in the suburb.

Randy Bowen
“I was a coffee boy for Don Shelby. That’s how I got my break.”

Much like Ravonka, Randy Bowen’s past is a bit of a mystery. Whatever it is he’s hiding, he will admit that he is a born and raised Minnesota boy.

Raised in Anoka, Bowen now lives in Minneapolis’ up and coming North Loop neighborhood. Always tight lipped about what city will be next, Bowen hasn’t hinted that North Loop is on the radar but it’s clearly not far from home.

Bowen didn’t discuss much about his involvement in the show, preferring instead to focus on the ladies.

He said viewers would be surprised to know that due to the busy schedules of the women the cast only films twice a week. However, the days are long as they log about 12 hours each shoot.

When asked why viewers should watch, Bowen simply said the cast.

“These are real ladies. They are very real, very candid; there is nothing that is being fed to them. It’s just kind of natural.”

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The Realish Housewives of Edina” is open now through Nov. 15 at the New Century Theatre. Tickets cost $25 to $34.50. For more information, or to purchase tickets, visit the Hennepin Theatre Trust online