MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A crime that is sweeping the nation is targeting people in Minnesota.

Stalking apps are being used on cellphones, which allow abusers to secretly stalk their victims.

These apps are not available on the iTunes or the Android Apps store; people have to buy them through its actual website.

After they are downloaded on the phone, which only takes a few minutes, suspects can track their victim’s every move, listen to phone conversations and even take pictures with their phone.

Sen. Al Franken has been working to ban these apps after seeing so many cases in Minnesota.

“We actually had a detective from Anoka County testify,” Franken said. “That’s pretty much what he does is go around to other law enforcement and teaches them about these apps, about how to find them in phone — they’re not easy to find — and how to get them out of a phone.”

Franken will be introducing his legislation to the Senate in the next few days, which would ban these types of GPS apps.