MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — These are the four stories you need to know about for Friday, Nov. 6. They include the latest release in a beloved gaming franchise, and new security procedures likely to be announced soon.

New Security Guidelines At U.S. Airports

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Homeland Security sources tell CBS News an announcement on new security procedures at U.S. airports could come as early as Friday. The news comes as U.S. intelligence officials say terrorism is the leading theory behind the crash of a Russian airliner over Egypt. Now the concern in the U.S. is that an explosive could slip through screening overseas and make its way onto a plane headed here. One change we could see at airports include better screening of TSA employees to make sure they don’t have ties to radical causes. Another change could implement better security at the perimeters of airports. Some travelers said they are fine with an extra layer of security, while others aren’t sure if it will help.

Deer Hunting Season Begins

Minnesota’s deer hunting season starts Saturday, and thousands of hunters are packing their bags. The Department of Natural Resources expects a hunting season similar to last year, with around 140,000 deer harvested. Most of the state will see a one-deer limit as the DNR works to rebuild the herd. Regardless, hunting season means big bucks for the state (no pun intended). Stores across the state will be opening extra early Friday morning so hunters can get that last-minute gear and purchase their license.

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Interest Rates Could Finally Go Up Again

The Labor Department’s job report could have a big impact for the Federal Reserve. The federal chair says policymakers will raise interest rates next month if the economic data released today is solid. Monthly job gains were slow in August and September. Another weak showing could persuade the Fed to hold off on the first rate hike in nearly a decade.

Newest ‘Call Of Duty’ Game Released

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The most anticipated new game of the season hits store shelves. “Call of Duty: Black Ops 3” is set in the year 2065 and features super-soldiers. The first-person shooter game comes out on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, as well as PCs for $60. The “Call of Duty” franchise has made $11 billion over the years. In comparison, the highest grossing movie franchise — the Marvel “Cinematic Universe” — has grossed $9 billion worldwide.