By Mike Max

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — If Teddy Bridgewater has a setback with his concussion this week or at any time, the Minnesota Vikings give the keys to the offense to Sean Hill.

He’s the seasoned back up who was brought in for this very reason.

When Bridgewater went down, it was time for Sean Hill to get up.

“You’re in a tough position as a back-up because you never want to see anything happen to the starter but when it does you have to buckle up and go do it,” Hill said. “My job description can change in the blink of an eye.”

What Sean Hill has is NFL experience and with that comes confidence. That’s not just in himself, but from his teammates and at this level that means an awful lot.

You do that by presenting a presence, by having a command.

“He’s a vet. He came in and nothing changed. Nothing changed at all but different players,” Adrian Peterson said. “He came in and controlled the huddle.”

That comes from his experience. He was brought in because he is a team-first guy and the moment won’t get too big for him. And oh yeah, they think he can still play a little.

“Sean Hill, I always mess with him because I’m like man you can go somewhere and start,” Captain Munnerlyn said. “The throws that he throws on us in practice, you all have seen him in training camp. He’s made some great throws.”

And oh yeah, when in doubt, he’s got an ally in Adrian Peterson that can help bail any quarterback out.

“It always helps for sure. That’s nice to have back there,” Hill said.

Mike Max