MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — It is a feeling every parent can relate to watching their kid.

Gretchen Orr can relate more than most, with two kids on the Eagan High School’s varsity volleyball team.

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Gretchen Orr (credit: CBS)

Gretchen Orr (credit: CBS)

“It is very nerve-wracking,” Gretchen said. “Twice as much can go wrong! The serving makes me so nervous (laughs)!”

But then again, that just means she is twice as happy as any other parent when things go right.

“I know I’m twice as happy (laughs)!” she said.

And let’s just say Gretchen has been a very happy person lately. Eagan is in Saturday’s state title game and her daughters, Brie and Kennedi, are a big reason why.

“I think she likes watching us play together,” Brie said.

“Yeah, definitely,” Kennedi said.

Kennedi & Brie Orr (credit: CBS)

Kennedi & Brie Orr (credit: CBS)

Separated by four years — Brie’s a junior, Kennedi’s a seventh grader – there is a definite big-sister-little-sister element about their relationship.

“I love watching her play,” Brie said. “It’s always fun when she does something good. Them I’m like, ‘That’s my sister!'”

Kennedi says her sister is her role model

“I wanna kind of do everything she does,” Kennedi said.

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Brie and Kennedi have both been playing since they were little. As good as they are, it is pretty obvious. But they have never been on the same team before — which makes this year fun in a new way.

“[When] we were younger, we kind of fought a lot,” Brie said. “But ever since we’ve been on the same team, we’re more of like friends instead of sisters.”

Gretchen has seen the difference.

“They weren’t great friends before the season started,” she said. “And they’ve become very close sisters as the season has gone on.”

Still, sisters being sisters, they do not always see eye to eye. Asked if they were pretty similar players on the court, here is how they replied:

“Probably not, no,” Kennedi said.

Brie then interjected.

“I think so,” she said. “I mean we play the same position (laughs).”

Kennedi also laughed. But one thing they absolutely agree on — this is more fun with each other.

“Yeah, definitely,” Brie said.

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Even if Gretchen’s fingernails take a double beating.