MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – The search for the perfect Christmas tree is underway at tree farms and tree lots around Minnesota.

Many families will head to tree farms, like Krueger’s Christmas Tree Farm, where the centerpiece of yuletide festivities sits on 50 acres.

“People love coming out and we love seeing them. It’s a way we mark time,” Deb Krueger, owner of Krueger’s Christmas Trees, said.

For years, Deb has watched families make the choice between long needles or short, firs or pine.

“People love the Fraser Fir. It’s sort of the Cadillac of firs,” Deb said.

Recently the decision was made more difficult as a new tree variety was introduced that offered a twist on the traditional.

“This is a Siberian Fir,” Deb said. “When you crinkle the needles, it smells like citrus.”

This tree not only brings a new scent but a unique hue to the holiday.

“Most of the firs all tend to be bluish,” she said. “But this is definitely chartreuse.”

Seeing the desire for something different, the Kruegers began planting the Siberian Fir six years ago.

“These will be ready in about three years,” Neil Krueger said.

Neil has found that growing the tree can be a challenge.

“They’re tough to grow because they’re subject to frost and they’re subject to winter burn,” Neil said.

For now, the Kruegers get the trees from a grower along the Canadian border. There, the trees seem to grow more easily in the cold soil. The grower sent 12 trees to the Kruegers this season and after just one week since opening, they’re almost sold out.

“They hold their needles so well, and the people who’ve had them love them,” Neil said.

The holidays may be a time of long standing traditions but when it comes to the perfect tree, families seem to be willing to branch out.

“I like a tree that’s quirky, maybe crooked or more open. Somebody else may like a tree that smells like oranges,” Neil said.

For more information on location and hours at Krueger’s, visit the farm online.