As someone who keeps up on trends, especially when it comes to local food and drink, imagine my surprise when local company Homegrown Foods reached out and asked me to try their meal delivery service. I had never heard of them! Somehow I completely missed the launch last year but I’m ready to get caught up on what they have to offer now.

Just like Local Crate, I was sent a box of prepared meals where the shopping and prep work had been done. All I had to do was read over the recipe and start cooking! There were three meals to try including a fun pasta dish using noodles made with scallops, a crockpot chicken dish and Chicago-style deep dish pizza. Owner Aleksandra Till incorporates local and organic ingredients as much as possible, and this box included potatoes from Burning River Farm, all-natural chicken from St. Joseph, organic cheese from Rochdale and sausage from Everett’s Meats.

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The most impressive part of this service had to be the prep sheet. Owner Aleks provided a recommended order of cooking and options for freezing if you can’t cook all of the meals within one week. This prep sheet was incredibly helpful as there always seem to be unexpected events that prevent me from cooking as planned.

The second most impressive part were the recipes themselves. My detail-oriented husband breezed through the scallop noodle dish with gruyere cheese sauce without additional research and commented that all recipes should be written like the ones from Homegrown Foods. (I agree).

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(credit: Crystal Grobe)

(credit: Crystal Grobe)

My favorite recipe had to be the Chicago-style deep dish pizza. Deep dish pizza is something I’ve made in the past and devoured, but I always felt like it could be better. Somehow, Homegrown Foods has the magic touch. Perhaps it was the pre-made dough, pre-made sauce, or portioned ingredients that made it so fantastic. Whatever the case, we definitely had a winner with this dish.

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Interested in learning more? Check out the Homegrown Foods website to look at this week’s meal list and get more information on subscribing.