MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Vikings take on Seattle Sunday with an emphasis on defense, and Adrian Peterson picks up another award: Offensive Player of the Month.

It’s almost becoming a problem for him these days — too many awards. So where does he keep all those trophies?

“Yeah, I’ve got a big room in Houston,” Peterson said. “Got some things here in Minnesota as well. I just try to keep things out of reach with my dad because around him, things disappear.”

The Viking defense, on the other hand, is worried about one thing: playing chess with Russell Wilson.

“He’s a guy that gets his guys open,” Vikings CB Xavier Rhodes said. “By his feet, he makes great throws with his arm. He doesn’t make many mistakes as a quarterback.”

It’s always difficult when you play against a quarterback that’s proven himself, and is an intellectual player like Wilson, but it’s even more of a challenge as a middle linebacker who’s a rookie in the NFL.

Eric Kendricks has learned this in his short time in the league: You need to do some homework.

“Definitely, we’ve had a lot,” he said. “Quarterbacks in this league are a big, key point, more so than college. I’m learning that as I go on, and I’ve definitely had to key the quarterbacks, more than I ever have before now.”

And there’s one other interesting connection: Three current Vikings played college football for Seattle’s head coach Pete Carroll. Vikings tight end Rhett Ellison says he remembers the infectious leader fondly.

“He’s high energy, just a motivator,” Ellison said. “He’d make you think a Tuesday practice was the Super Bowl. Just kind of a players’ coach type of guy. He was throwing the ball around, covering kicks — just a lot of energy.”

Mike Max