BUFFALO, Minn. (WCCO) — A west Twin Cities metro woman wants to pay forward a random act of kindness.

Last Friday, a Buffalo police officer pulled over Katie Overbye as she and her two children were leaving her work at a Buffalo home for adults with disabilities. Overbye ended up driving away with a gift, not a ticket.

“It was an amazing gift,” Overbye said.

Money has been tight this season for Overbye. She showed WCCO a Christmas tree made of electrical tape she’s stuck to a wall in her home.

They were makeshift decorations, but they meant a lot to her family.

“We thought maybe we’ll just make a tree out of electrical tape on the wall and the kids can draw ornaments and presents under it,” Overbye said.

The tree is filled with handmade ornaments.

“So far I really like it and we are having fun with it this year,” Overbye said.

The mother of two just started her new job caring for adults with disabilities.

She was taking her two sons to visit the people she works with when a Buffalo Police officer pulled her over.

“I asked her ‘what am I getting pulled over for?’” Overbye said.

The officer handed Katie $50 and explained the Bounce Back Project. According to its website, Bounce Back is a partnership of Allina Medical Clinic–Buffalo, CentraCare–Monticello Hospital, Buffalo Hospital, Buffalo Clinic and Monticello Clinic to help individuals in the community improve their health through happiness.

The project encourages random acts of kindness and a spirit of gratitude.

“I almost started crying right then and there because I really needed the money,” Overbye said.

Money from her new job hasn’t come in yet.

“I’m down to about $20 in my checking account,” she said.

Overbye’s 5 and 9-year-old each got one Christmas present this season.

“I got my older son Carl a pack of Uno cards, then I got my younger son some bath toys,” Overbye said.

She posted about the officer’s random act of kindness on her Facebook.

“People have offered presents, groceries,” Overbye said.

More than 20,000 saw the post.

“Some people that don’t have money to buy new things have offered their clothes that their kids have outgrown or their toys,” Overbye said.

One random act of kindness inspired many more for a woman who never forgot the true meaning of Christmas.

“It’s just been amazing, all the support,” she said.

Overbye hopes others will take their generosity to the Bounce Back Project. In total, the Buffalo Police Department gave away $1,500 through the project.