MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Some people will do just about anything to avoid getting their car towed.

A woman noticed her car being towed just after 1 p.m. Wednesday afternoon on the 600 block of Burr Street in St. Paul.

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She ran outside just as her car was halfway up the truck’s ramp, She said something to the tow truck driver, then jumped into the car and allegedly tried to drive off.

“There were officers nearby,” St. Paul Police Sgt. Mike Ernster said. “When the call came out to help the tow driver they got there pretty quick. The woman jumped out of the car as the officers were arriving and went back into her house.”

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Ernster says she told the officers she did not know St. Paul had declared a snow emergency.

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They then told her she could pay a $75 “drop fee” to have the car unhooked, so she could then move it to a safe location. A tow fee in St. Paul will cost you around $209.

“She was not able to provide the drop fee so her vehicle did end up getting towed,” Ernster said.

She was also issued a $56 citation for parking in the wrong place during a snow emergency, and one of her tires on her car was deflated during all the commotion.

“You hope cooler heads would prevail,” Ernster said. “She could be hurt, the tow driver could be hurt, tow truck could be damaged and even her vehicle could be damaged. Nobody wants any of that to happen.”

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Click here to find your city’s snow emergency information.