MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — These are the top stories you need to know about from Monday, Jan. 4. They include a reason you shouldn’t fear the bathroom scale, and the opening of new MnPASS lanes in St. Paul.

MnPASS Express Lanes Open On I-35E In St. Paul

Starting Monday morning, drivers traveling alone in the express lanes between St. Paul and Little Canada will have to pay a fee during peak hours. The new stretch of I-35E where the fees go into effect Monday is between Cayuga Street in St. Paul and Little Canada Road in Little Canada.

ISIS Releases New Video Threatening U.K.

ISIS has released a new video online that appears to show five Syrian men being shot to death. The terrorist group claims the men were acting as British spies. At one point, the militant aims a gun at the camera and speaks directly to British Prime Minister David Cameron, threatening to invade his country.

House Set To Vote On Repealing Health Care Overhaul

Congress returns on Monday, and the first order of business in the House is to again vote to repeal the health care overhaul law. This will be the first time in dozens of tries that the bill will reach President Obama’s desk for a promised veto.

Study: Daily Weigh-Ins Good For Weight Loss

New research says the bathroom scale may be your best friend. One study of college freshman showed those who weighed themselves every day gained no weight, compared with people who didn’t weigh in daily. Another study of overweight gym members showed that those who weighed in daily were more likely to lose significant weight and keep it off.