MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — By now, you know how this story ends. Not good, even though it was good for the first three quarters.

So let’s focus on the beginning.

“We have hand warmers, feet warmers, a heater and just good Viking football people that’s gonna keep us warm all day every day,” Toni Kipples said.

Toni from Blaine set up shop at 7 a.m. The lots were full of tunes, booze and optimism.

“I’m warm, this is great playoff football nothing beats it,” Jeffrey Steier said. “It’s awesome, it doesn’t get better than this.”

Most Seattle fans skipped the lively pre-game.

“We were all hotel-gaiting, inside our warm hotel rooms we are living it up getting ready for the game,” Ted Colby Sanchez of Seattle said.

Inside TCF Bank Stadium, the warmth was minimal but the energy maxed out. The well-concealed crowds took deep breaths and stood taller than normal.

“Borrowed my mom’s ice fishing boots, they are good for 30 below wind chill,” one fan said.

But conformity isn’t for everyone.

“My beard gets a little icy my feet stay nice and toasty,” Nathan Anderson said.

And yes there was alcohol. You couldn’t blame them for drinking fast. And that may continue well into the night, on a day of a bitter cold and a bitter end.

“I thought we were gonna win and it was pure disappointment,” one fan said.

They may not have left with a win, but these Viking fans will leave with a badge of honor. They survived the coldest game in Vikings history.

Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield

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