MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Monday’s biting cold is a reminder how tough we are to live in Minnesota.

Meteorologist Molly Rosenblatt was out in the elements along with people who have to be in them all day on a daily basis. We caught up with outdoor workers to see how they’re coping and also found some Minnesotans who welcome the bitter blast.

“I like my job so you know it’s just what comes with the job so you’ve got to bear the elements, it’s just what it is,” James Brown said.

A day like Monday isn’t easy on James Brown, who works outside for the city. Wind chills dropped as low as 18 below zero. Brown says he survives with extra layers and extra breaks to warm up. He says why complain, it’s just part of the job.

“I look at us like we the soldiers out here, doing the stuff that other people don’t want to do. So you’ve got the good and the bad with the summer and winter time,” Brown said.

Most people we found outside on Monday agree: Everyone needs to just buck up and deal with the cold.

“There’s always going to be one of these times during the winter when it’s just going to be this bad. So either get used to it or find somewhere else.  It sounds harsh, but it’s a harsh climate,” Cameron Schmidt said.

Ethan Nelson bears the elements on a bike, delivering for Jimmy John’s. He says his best coping tool is to keep moving.

“It’s like after the first cold spell your body kind of gets used to it and  you don’t really feel it as long as you’re layered up and stuff. So you’re in good spirits? Oh yeah, it’s never as bad as it looks from the outside either,” he said.

And while the arctic snap means misery for many, some Minnesotans are welcoming it with open arms. Jason Bemis has been checking the ice on Medicine Lake, and after a long waiting game, he finally got out to go ice fishing on Monday.

“Finally I’m out there. I got my house out already,” Bemis said. “I’m super excited. It’s kind of like fever, only it’s fishing fever. I’m heading out there now and hopefully I’ll see something today.  I’ve seen a couple pan fish already and we’ll see what else we see.”

And again wind chill values were as cold as 18 below zero Monday morning. Our actual low was 9 degrees below zero. And as far as a dramatic warm up goes- well it’s not looking good.