MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — This weekend’s artic blast has forced some outdoor activities to be re-scheduled.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has several events planned for the weekend. State park employees say they are prepared to show people a good time in the extreme cold, and offered a few tips on how to stay warm while doing it.

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Park Rangers are stocking up on fire wood for the cold weekend ahead. At Fort Snelling, the park is expected to be packed with those who love nature, even though the forecast calls for arctic-like temperatures.

“Even in very cold temperatures, there are still people who come out here,” DNR Naturlist Kao Thao said at Fort Snelling State Park. “Hearty people who come out for snow shoeing, wild life hiking, or just a quiet nice walk on a park trail.”

Thao says the beauty of the outdoors is amplified when the temperature dips below zero. The sights and the sounds of the wild will be featured Sunday during a wildlife walk at Fort Snelling State Park — a day expected to top out at -4 degrees.

“There are anilmals still out here the deer they are still feeding out here the birds they still need food they are out there …”

Thao says because of the extreme cold he will monitor closely those who chose to take part in the walk….

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“It depends on the group of people, depends on how far we’re going to walk,” he said. “If it’s too cold out here, we’ll talk about the wildlife around the visitors center here. There is a lot to see out here without going miles into the woods.”

Martha and Renner Anderson are getting their outdoor fix on Friday instead of waiting until the weekend.

“This is a good day, today, to do it,” Martha said. “I don’t know how I’ll feel Sunday, but today is a good day to be out.”

True Minnesotans, they enjoy a brisk walk in the winter, but not when the temperature can cause harm.

“We know about this year,” Renner said. “Three or four generations been here,.”

Doctors at Hennepin County Medical Center say if you don’t have to go out this weekend, don’t. That’s the only way to prevent frostbite.

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If you do have to venture out dress in layers, make sure all exposed skin is covered and remember mittens are warmer that gloves.

Reg Chapman