MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — In Minnesota, the bitter sub-zero cold isn’t stopping some who say they enjoy running in the extreme conditions.

That includes Steve Stenzel of St. Paul, who when he’s not looking after his two young sons is out running more than 10 miles every other day.

“It is a little crazy,” Stenzel said.

We asked him, does it ever get too cold to run?

“Yesterday, the wind chill was 35 below when I headed out. 40 below is my max,” he said.

He looks a little funny when he’s done, too.

“All my nose hairs and snot will freeze, and I’ll always have a uni-brow because any little hair between my eye brows will freeze over,” he said.

Stenzel says it’s all about wearing the right clothes, and layering.

He writes a blog about his experiences as a runner, in all different conditions.