MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Forty-seven dogs, including 24 puppies, were rescued earlier this month from a farm in Carver county. The dogs are now getting medical attention and will all eventually be up for adoption.

Most were hound mixes, and some of the puppies were just days old. It was an eviction that led the dogs to the Animal Humane Society.

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Five-year-old Jethro is one of the dogs taken in by the Humane Society after their owner was evicted from the Carver County farm where they were living. The dogs were not neglected, but the owner was not able to care for them after the eviction. Jethro is now in Golden Valley.

“He’s a good example of dog from this case,” veterinarian Dr. Graham Brayshaw said. “As you can see, he’s friendly and in good shape.”

Three female dogs and their three sets of puppies have been placed in temporary foster care until they are old enough to be adopted – that keeps the puppies from being exposed to potential illness.

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Simona is one of the lucky ones — the three-legged dog was recently on hold, and was adopted late Wednesday evening.

The 8-year-old spaniel mix is one of the smaller dogs that was seized. Most of the others — like Jethro — are hound mixes, and some have been trained as hunting dogs

Most are still being neutered and will soon be posted on the Humane society’s website. The puppies should be available for the adoption in the next two to four weeks.

“There are some that are a little shy,” Brayshaw said. “There are some that have medical concerns that we have to deal with, but the majority of them are well fed, pretty athletic and pretty outgoing as well.”

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The adult dogs are being cared for at five different Humane Society locations in the metro.

Esme Murphy