MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — It’s January, which means it’s time for Minnesotans to move onto dreaming of the other outdoor season. No, not the Minnesota Vikings, but the Minneapolis Boat Show.

Mike Max paid a visit and found three of the water crafts that are trending in 2016.

The Boat Show is as much as anything a gathering place for people who want to at least think of days on water, of getting the boat on a lake during a summer Saturday afternoon. So what’s hot this season?

We found out it doesn’t take a motor to steal the show. Paddle boards have been exploding nationally for years. Here are the reasons.

“The product itself kind of looks cool. It’s something new and different. I also think it’s a very easy thing to do,” Dave Larsen with Skyline Boats said.

A cousin to it: The kayak. It started as rig for recreation and adventure. It’s easy to get into any water, but what has evolved is a mini fishing boat. It’s made easier when they added pedals to keep you hands free.

“The key is the pedaling system. Your hands are free, it has a steering wheel on it so there’s a little lever that you can steer with it. You can cast, you can troll, you can stand up in the boat, you can throw a lure,” Greg Nelson with Hi Tempo Water Sports said.

If there is one boat that dominates the floor, it is the pontoon. The number on site tells you what the consumer is looking for. They can go high-end, and they can offer almost everything.

“It’s because, it’s the SUV thing like 25 years ago back when everyone started getting Suburbans. They haul everything and they do a great job doing it,” Dan Chesky with Southside Marine said. “Now you’ve got twin engines, you’ve got more performance with the triple tubes. They handle big water really well, they’ve got a bar.”

The Minneapolis Boat Show is at the Minneapolis Convention Center throughout the weekend.

Mike Max