ROCHESTER, Minn. (WCCO) — Michael and Mathew Hurt anchor the Rochester John Marshall basketball team — one a future Gopher, and the other with quite a future.

The Hurt brothers are the anchors of the team, Michael the senior, and Matthew the freshman.

“He’s really developed in all areas of his game,” John Marshall coach Kirk Thompson said of the elder Michael. “He’s gotten much strong, and on offense he’s gotten much more skilled.”

Michael has committed to play basketball for the Gophers next season, hoping to help turn the program around.

“It really felt like home to me,” Michael said. “The coaches were really great. I love the direction where Coach Pitino is taking them. They’re really young right now, but they’re going to grow up.”

His brother Matthew is a freshman, and many say he’s the next big thing in Minnesota basketball.

“I can do a little bit of everything,” Matthew said.

He’s already been impressing college talent scouts and, of course, his high school coach.

“He’s a special talent as a 9th grader,” Thompson said. “He averages over 20 points a game, was All-Conference as an 8th grader — you don’t see that very often.”

They’re united by basketball, with the older brother leading the way.

“It’s kind of a unique experience — not a lot of brothers get to do that,” Michael said. “Either their years are too spread apart, or one’s not the same skill level.”

And they’ll likely both play basketball for years to come, but this might be the last time they play together, and that matters an awful lot.

“It’s just a great time right now,” Michael said.

Mike Max


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