MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — With temperatures at dawn in the mid-30s and expected to stay warm going into the weekend, the St. Paul Winter Carnival kicks off this year on a warm note.

Annually, the event brings tens of thousands of people to the area, and generates up to $5 million for the local and state economies.

Among the events set for the opening days are an open skate in Landmark Plaza, the Moon Glow pedestrian parade, ice carvings and an ice palace display, and much more.

And, of course, the hunt for the St. Paul Winter Carnival medallion is still going on. It’s always hidden on public land somewhere in Ramsey County.

Clue number five was published in the Pioneer Press. It reads:

“If young Huck Finn had a boy twin
He might have camped here awhile
Like him you’re wishin’ that with good luck fishin’
You’ll find treasure to keep you in style.”

The medallion is worth up to $10,000, depending on whether you have the published daily clues, a registered Winter Carnival button and have already mailed in an official entry form.

The Winter Carnival continues through Sunday, Feb. 7.