MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Some Minnesota students are heading to Iowa to get a first-hand look at the political process.

Fifty-four students from the Blake School in Minneapolis jumped on the bus early Saturday morning.

The 9th-through-12th graders will be observing and volunteering at the caucuses. They’ll knock on doors in Des Moines neighborhoods, work at campaign headquarters and get a chance to interact with the candidates.

They said they’re excited to be involved in the political process, which they haven’t experienced because many aren’t of voting age yet.

“I want to see how the candidates speak, and how they’re able to convey their messages to the crowds,” sophomore Nick Crosby said. “That’s an important thing to learn. Not even if you’re in politics, but in life throughout — if you’re able to convey your message in a good manner.”

The Blake School has been taking students to observe the Iowa caucuses since 2004.