MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Mound Westonka High School is getting a lot of attention after an annual charity dodgeball tournament — and not for the amount of money raised.

On Wednesday night, Mound Westonka held its 12th annual dodgeball tournament to raise money for cancer research. At least seven students showed up in costumes that some felt resembled Ku Klux Klan garb.
According to references on social media, some of the students involved were punished with suspension.

While some are defending the students, there are others who say what happened, regardless of the students’ intentions, is unacceptable.

Ryan Anderson was inside the school Wednesday when the winning dodgeball team, called “TeamDoot,” wore white pointed hats.

Anderson says the uniforms resembled those worn by KKK members.

Allegations also surfaced that some students made white supremacist comments on social media.

One screengrab of a Snapchat shows a boy in a white pointed hat with the caption “Grand wizard,” which is a term for the leader of the KKK.

A student who appeared to be involved in TeamDoot also posted a picture on Twitter. It showed side-by-side photos of the KKK and the students who participated in the tournament with the caption, “Nice Interpretation.”

The intention of the picture, whether serious or sarcasm, is unclear.

Following Wednesday’s fundraiser, there were references on social media that the suspensions of students could affect the Mound Westonka’s boys hockey season.

The hashtag “unsuspendteamdoot” is circulating on Twitter from those who don’t want the students to face any consequences.

But there are comments from the other side.

Several students and parents, who didn’t want to talk on-camera, told WCCO-TV they believe the boys’ actions went too far.

At the same time, they don’t think the students set out to offend anyone.

What Happens Now?

The school district says it launched an investigation into the matter and found some actions by students, both on and off campus, violated district policy.

Currently, the extent of the punishment for the students involved is unclear.