MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — From the 2017 federal budget sent to Capitol Hill to Millennials spending more-than-average amounts of money on Valentine’s Day, here are the four stories to know for Wednesday, Feb. 10.

POTUS Sends Budget For 2017

The Obama administration sent Capitol Hill its budget for the fiscal year 2017.

It proposes a record spending of more than $4 trillion on new initiatives, including a “moonshot” to cure cancer, the fight against ISIS, and combating climate change.

This is the eighth and final budget President Obama will propose.

Millennials Dish Out The Cash On Valentine’s Day

Millennials may get a bad rap on some things, but apparently not Valentine’s Day.

Nerd Wallet surveyed thousands of Americans about the holiday and found that on average people who are celebrating Valentine’s Day plan to spend about $180.

And millennial men will shell out a lot more than that. They’ll spend about $370 to treat their loved one to gifts, events, travel and meals.

More South Korea-North Korea Tensions

South Korea said it will shut down operations at a joint industrial park with North Korea in response to the North’s recent rocket launch.

The South is accusing the North of using hard currency from the park to develop its nuclear and missile programs.

The move comes after North Korea on Sunday launched a long-range rocket considered by other nations to be a banned missile technology test.

The North has not given a response yet.

YouTube Originals

Look out for three made-for-YouTube movies and a new series coming out today.

The launch is in response to competitors like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon, according to its CEO.

The push for original content comes with YouTube’s Red subscription service.

The plan offers ad-free usage, access to YouTube originals and a music service for about $10 a month.