MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Dakota County woman is living in fear of her ex-husband who was just released from jail.

Officers say Marcus McGibbon stalked and electronically tracked his wife Sherry and their young daughter. Sherry sat down to share her very raw story, and says she wants people to know what abuse looks like from the inside.

The way their story started is pretty standard — two coworkers meet and click.

“Dated for three or four years, got married. we had this perfect life,” Sherry said.

A life that’s now dramatically changed.

“It’s hard,” she said. “I’m constantly looking over my shoulder, in fear that he’s going to retaliate and hurt us.”

After her daughter was diagnosed with autism, Sherry says something changed.

“Mark did a 180,” she said. “He lost his job, started to become extremely paranoid of me.”

Sherry says she found a noose in the garage and a duct-taped baby monitor, hidden so he could listen to her from another room. She left him, but says he was still close by — popping up as she ran errands or went to dinner with friends.

“I found another tracking device on my car, in the front,” she said. “So there was a total of three.”

Officers caught him parked near her home. Inside McGibbon’s car, officer’s say they found a black face mask, a wig, pepper spray, a knife and a video camera with a tripod.

“He was videotaping us for a long time and he was video taping us at my daughter’s birthday party,” Sherry said.

Police also say they found a shotgun and drugs. McGibbon served four months and was released to a treatment program in late January.

For now, Sherry is living under the watchful eyes of cameras, all over her home. She also has a safety plan.

“I have the support from my family, and I have to keep leaning on them and believe that he’ll change and leave us alone,” she said.

McGibbon was sentenced Thursday to 12 to 18 months at a halfway house after he finished inpatient treatment. Sherry is far from alone — Dakota County handled 3,000 domestic violence cases in 2015.

Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield