MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — This week’s Kylies Kid is a high school senior getting ready for what comes after graduation. But Spirit has had to do some of her planning from the hospital room.

As you can guess from her name, she’s making the most of her time at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota before getting ready for a big future.

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Spirit’s missing part of her senior year for this hospital stay.

“I’m basically just like any other normal teenager except I have arthritis,” Spirit said.

Spirit has Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis.

“They always say, ‘that’s something my grandma has,'” Spirit said. “I say, ‘you’d be surprised how many young people get it.”

This hospital stay is for joint pain, but Spirit still makes her hospital room feel like home. Minions cover everything from her bed, to her shoes.

“I have minion everything,” Spirit said. “They’re just so cute!”

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She’s also working on a new scarf while she’s here.

“I love to crochet,” Spirit said. “That takes my time in the hospital. [With crocheting] you barely have to move your hands that much.”

Crocheting helps pass the time until Spirit is back at St. Louis Park High School, getting ready to graduate.

“I want to go to St. Paul State to become a vet tech,” said Spirit.

It’s a perfect career path considering her love of most animals.

“All of them except for snakes and frogs and spiders,” Spirit said. “Oh, and I hate birds, so I won’t be in the room for that either.”

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Spirit is also good friends with last week’s Kylie’s Kid, Brian. They met while they were staying across the hall from each other and became fast friends.

Kate Raddatz