MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – This week, the listicle-and-investigative news generator BuzzFeed posted a 12-question food quiz that promises to let players know, based on their culinary knowledge of the Land of 10,000 Lakes, if they’re really from Minnesota.

Of course, there are questions on the quiz that most Wisconsinites could get, such as: “What is cooked into the center of a Juicy Lucy?” or “What popular food brand has a museum dedicated to it in Austin, Minnesota?”

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Other questions, however, are tough.

For instance, those without a connection of the state’s Nordic culinary traditions, such as lutefisk and lefse, will be in trouble. And if you’ve never heard of booya or Minnesota taco salad, good luck.


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The State Fair question is a little tricky, too. As commenters pointed out, there could well be two answers to it. Both the choices “Food On A Stick” and “Food Battered And Deep Fried” seem to fit the bill.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

Those who do well on the quiz are congratulated with few lines seasoned with an “Uffda” and a “dontcha know.” Those who bomb it are asked if they could even find Minnesota on a map.

On a side note, a close look at the answers will show a hint of recent culinary outrage.

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One of the choices to question number eight includes a description of grape salad, the dish Minnesotans had no idea they loved to eat on Thanksgiving until the New York Times pegged it as the state’s staple holiday dish. To make matters worse, Wisconsin got wild rice with mushrooms.