MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – From a summit on counterterrorism to the Kalamazoo shooting suspect to the Brit Awards, here are the top four stories from Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2016.

Obama Administration Hosts Counterterrorism  Summit

The Obama administration will meet Wednesday to brainstorm ways to counter ISIS propaganda and the recruitment of Westerners to become terrorists.

The meeting at the Justice Department involves government officials and representatives from advertising, social media and Silicon Valley.

The summit reflects the government’s ongoing concerns about young adults being persuaded by slick online messaging to join the terror group.

Kalamazoo Shooting Suspect’s Gun Collection

An Uber Driver accused of randomly killing six people in Michigan had a personal gun collection.

However, authorities said there was nothing in Jason Dalton’s past that prevented him from owning as many guns as he could afford.

Hours before the shooting, he bought a jacket with an inside pocket for a handgun.

Dalton has admitted to the killings, but the motive is still a mystery.

SpaceX Attempts 4th Landing

SpaceX will attempt to successfully land its Falcon 9 rocket booster on a floating platform in the Atlantic Ocean Wednesday. It will be the fourth try at a landing.

The Falcon 9 had a successful landing last December on land. However, landing at sea is harder and SpaceX said it doesn’t expect to succeed this time.

SpaceX will also attempt to launch a European communications satellite from Cape Canaveral.

Musicians Head To 2016 Brit Awards

Several American music artists will head to London to perform at The Brit Awards Wednesday night.

This year’s headline performers will include Coldplay, Justin Bieber and The Weekend.

The annual pop music awards show will also feature a tribute to London-native David Bowie who died from liver cancer last month.