By Mike Max

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — It’s been 10 days since MIke Yeo was fired as the Minnesota Wild head coach.

On Wednesday, he met the media for the first time since to reflect on what was at times a rocky, but certainly worthwhile ride. WCCO’s Mike Max was there.

It’s not that Yeo didn’t understand the business he’s in, it’s just that it still hurts to be told you’re not the coach. Wednesday, he met the media with respect and praise for the man who hired and fired him: Chuck Fletcher.

“We have a history together. I mean there’s absolute zero ill-will from me towards Chuck. I’m so grateful for him and everything that he did,” Yeo said.

There are lingering questions. Did the veteran players turn on him and in effect make the change?

“It’s like a marriage. When it ends it doesn’t end well,” Yeo said. “But that said, that’s still a great group in there and I’ve got nothing but respect for them.”

With a son playing Wednesday night for Hill-Murray, he is now a full-time hockey dad.

“He got a chance last year to play in the state tournament and I didn’t get a chance to be there and if there’s a positive, it’s that I get a chance to be a dad,” Yeo said.

But what will Yeo remember about his time in Minnesota? He will remember the good times. In fact, the best times.

“Without getting emotional, yeah it’s been the best time of my life. That’s what it is.

Mike Max