Where’s Dolce?

I don’t remember letting him in.

Check the office. Check the mudroom.


That’s how it began.

Dolce was handsome husband’s dog but he’s part of our family now. He’s a King Charles Spaniel who’s totally deaf, quite dumb and very sweet. We usually let him out in the backyard to do his business and he always comes back for a treat.

Until Tuesday.

The kids let him out and he never came back. Twenty minutes later, after we searched the house and the yard, we bundled up to scour the neighborhood and called 911.

The operator noted our lost dog and wished us luck finding him. Handsome husband was out of town and the children were near hysterical that Dolce was lost.

Calling his name did no good, he’s deaf.  So we walked and walked.

Our agony was short lived as a friendly neighbor found our wanderer and called the number on his collar.

Handsome husband was perplexed when he called me from New York to tell me the guy a block over said Dolce was in his yard. See, we hadn’t told handsome husband just yet.

We ran, found our pup, gushed “thank you’s” at our new favorite neighbor and brought Dolce home.  Thank you, God!

Now, time for a new fence.

So, did you ever lose a pet? How did it end?