MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Animal Humane Society said they have removed 95 dogs from a Minnesota couple.

The organization said that they were investigating the case for over half a year.

Last summer, the Animal Humane Society investigated reports of a large number of dogs on the property and found dozens of dogs — mostly small breed mixes — living in the home, garage and a pole building.

“We gave the owner some time to take care of the issues we found there,” AHS Agent Wade Hanson said. “Just a lack of just proper care of the animals, ventilation in buildings, and animals were being kept in small cages.”

At the time, the owners said they would “re-home the majority of the dogs.” A few months later, the dogs and their owners were found at a home in Maplewood, and before a search warrant could be obtained, they were moved again to Sandstone.

“I think the whole thing is they were worried their dogs would be taken,” Hanson said.

(credit: Animal Humane Society)

(credit: Animal Humane Society)

The Animal Humane Society said the dogs were living in unsanitary conditions, were dirty and had matted hair. Hanson said the owners likely bred the dogs, with the intention of selling them, but kept more than they sold.

“They just don’t want to let go of the dogs and then it turns into a hoarding situation. You get overwhelmed and all the sudden you have more animals than you can properly care for,” Hanson said.

In February, a tip sent the Humane Society agents to couple’s property in Sandstone where the owners surrendered 53 dogs to the Animal Humane Society, many of which have already found new homes. On Wednesday, the couple surrendered another 42 dogs located at the home in Maplewood.

“These people just finally realized that they don’t have the means to take care of that many dogs,” Hanson said.

Many of the dogs will be up for adoption by next week. To learn more, click here.