MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Wayzata and Hermantown may have won the titles in AA and A for boys hockey on Saturday, but Sunday morning some new high school hockey champions were announced.

The Minnesota  All Hockey Hair Team video for 2016 is out. The video features the High School players from the tournaments with the best “flow.” The video features an anonymous narrator with a dead pan delivery naming the players with the best hair.

The narrator referring to a player with shoulder length hair from Mankato West says, “That guy from Kato that did the victory dance, he just ran himself into the All Hockey Hair Team as our first introduction. That is Willie, love the red mouth guard.”

Willie from Mankato, only ranked 10th with that amazing flow The video has been made by an anonymous fan every year since 2011 — last year’s video has gotten more than 2.5 million hits on YouTube.

This year’s video features some spectacular doos and remarkable flows, from mullets to mop tops these high school players will live in the hockey hair hall of fame.

The video has sponsorships and raises money for a great cause, the Hendrickson Foundation, which provides equipment ice time and opportunities for the disable and wounded veterans to play hockey.

In a break with tradition, the No. 1 spot went to Burnsville as a team. This year’s video also has some great honorable mentions, including Justin from Breck, who was named No. 1 in last year’s video.

“And if you are wondering what last year’s winner has been doing, he joined the Seal Team 6, don’t tell anyone. He is loved, look at the fans worshiping his hair greatness,” the narrator said.

And the video singles out a couple of goalies.

“The goalies are always good. This is the disinterested pompadour and we have our old friend from Hermantown keeping that stache growing, keeping that shake rolling. Got to love it,” the narrator said.

Youtube – 2016 Minnesota High School Hockey All-Hair Team

Here is more information on the Hendrickson Foundation.