MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — With Donald Trump and Senator Ted Cruz each winning two states on Super Saturday, it guarantees the GOP contest for the nomination will not wrap up soon.

While Trump continues to lead in the delegate count, Cruz is not far behind. It’s a contest that has become so bitter that Republicans are concerned it could not only cost the party the White House, but affect Congressional and even state house elections.

Right now, the Minnesota House is controlled by Republicans — the Minnesota Senate by Democrats. The result last legislative session was gridlock, but that could change. All 201 members of the Minnesota Senate and House are up for reelection in November.

Here in Minnesota and across the nation, Republican leaders are expressing concern that the bitter GOP presidential contest and the insurgent campaign of Donald Trump has so divided the party that it could affect elections at the state and local level.

Minnesota Republican House Speaker Kurt Daudt was a guest on WCCO Sunday Morning.

“We have been doing our best to set our own destiny and connect with Minnesotans by solving and putting out solutions to problems that they are most worried about. We think that will help us. Of course the presidential race always has an impact,” Daudt said.

Minnesota Republicans have another reason to worry. In presidential years, turnout in Minnesota is often the highest in the nation. And traditionally high turnouts here have boosted Democratic candidates at every level.

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Esme Murphy